Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Went for a run this morning and really listened. This is my favorite song right now. It so beautifully depics my life. I choose what the kids chose. In an time when many were shooting the bullets or dodging the bullets, I bit the bullet. And so did he. And I am eternally grateful we did. Because after all, there's nothing really real separating us, except our beliefs. ❤

"Coming up slowly, oh, sun over the hill
Daylight still a long time coming
But I know it will
Been under their spell, oh, but we're coming awake
So we'll be rude, we'll be loud
As long as it takes

This is why, this is why,
We crank the dial to the right
Ooh this is why we're biting the bullet
We know the kids are right

Different colors
We carry each other
We're just different colors
This is why we're biting the bullet
We know the kids are right

We keep cranking the music up
Driving through our towns
But they don't wanna hear
They want us to turn it down
So come on lovers, come on haters
Tonight we raise the fire
'Cause when the people get to dancing
They forget about taking sides

This is why, this is why
We crank the dial to the right
Ooh this is why we're biting the bullet
We know the kids are right, sing

Different colors
We carry each other
We're just different colors
This is why we're biting the bullet
We know the kids are right

We're coming awake, out of your spell,
As long as it takes, we're coming awake

We're coming awake, out of your spell,
As long as it takes, we're coming awake

This is why, this is why,
We crank the dial to the right
This is why we're biting the bullet
We know the kids are right"

Different Colors by Walk The Moon
Listen to it here...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Essential Oils Labels - Melaleuca

Oh my goodness!!

This makes me sad and upset. I was at the store today and saw this on the shelf. I'm quoting from the label...

"WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. FLAMMABLE. Keep away from heat, sparks, and flame. Use with good ventilation. Keep tightly capped when not in use. INGREDIENTS: Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil."
What?! This is obviously NOT 100% pure Melaleuca, but because there are no label laws, the manufacturer can label however they choose. Then families who don't know will purchase it and think this is REAL Melaleuca. Ugh... so wrong.
True Melaleuca has been used for generations directly and safely on the skin with marvelous benefits. It certainly doesn't contain dangerous chemicals. No ventilation needed.

Learn more about doTERRA's CPTG truly pure Melaleuca by attending one of our Tuesday evening online classes (found here:…) or by reading more here:

And email me for more info on label laws so you know how to read between the lines.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

FREE oils for Christmas

Happy Holidays friends. :) 

I'm so amazed with how doTERRA gives... and gives. And gives!

Four, count em' four free oils this month for members. Goodness. That's a $179.99 savings!! That's $179.99 worth of wellness and health for your family! I'm so VERY grateful for doTERRA. :) Take a look...

Ok, so here are the details... you must place your member Loyalty Rewards Order by Dec. 15th, and it must be 200pv or more. Get the scoop HERE.

If you're a member and you've never placed a Loyalty Rewards Order before, just log into your back office and click the "Create New LRP Template" button.

And if you're not a member yet... (What, you're not??) Then let's remedy that now! You need to be a member to take advantage of all of doTERRA's year-round generosity. 

So, to get our 25% off discount pricing, you'll want to go to our site and click on "Join and Save" to become a member today. (Just shoot me an email at createhopeoils @ and I'll send you the link.) Your enrollment this month (December) with a 100pv order will give you a FREE 15ml bottle of OnGuard. That's doTERRA's incredible Immune System supporting blend. We use it every day to stay well. Call us with any questions.

Oh, and don't forget about our Tuesday evening ONLINE / INTERACTIVE / video workshops! 8:30pm EST. In 30 minutes you will learn so much actionable information about pure essential oil use and how to create solutions for your family. :) Find the classes on the Events page HERE.

Or maybe you want a sneak peak at what these oils can do for you? Take a look HERE.

Shout out to me when you get your oils. And Happy Holidays again... may you be so very BLESSED. :) 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Being at Peace in the Middle of Hurricane Matthew

Yes, a storm is coming.  But stop a moment with me and breathe.  

It's going to be okay. 

It's times like these that we find out clearly how well we can find peace even in the midst of chaos. 

If you find that your heart is fluttering or you're short of breathe, or your mind is racing... 
stop with me now and do the following.

Take a few drops of Peace, Serenity, or Lavender essential oils in the palm of your hand (if you have oils) and cup over your nose and mouth as you take several looong, deeeep breaths. Then try this...

1) Prepare to pray the Psalm in 5 consecutively diminishing sentences.
2) Either aloud or quietly to yourself, say the words, “Be still and know that I am God”
3) After a couple deep breaths, pray, “Be still and know that I am.”
4) After a couple deep breaths, pray “Be still and know.”
5) After a couple deep breaths, pray, “Be still.”
6) After a couple deep breaths, pray, “Be.”
7) When ready, pray, “Amen.”

(Borrowed with gratitude from Glennon.)

And remember that sometimes God calms the storm... and other times He calms His child. Being internally calm will serve you much better in any situation than allowing yourself to remain in internal chaos.

Let's be Peace. ☺

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Collaborative "Wolf Pack" Business

Oh, I just love how she says it... “This business leverages the energy of an age where we need it most. We are moving from an archetypal ‘I’ to ‘we’ and network marketing or, as I call it, ‘collaborative business,’ provides a framework and opportunity for the lone wolf to join the wolf pack. Together, we rise.” - Tara Bliss, doTERRA Diamond Collaborative Business. Energy. It feels like community on a mission. Going somewhere together. Rising up and creating something that feels deep, real, impactful... transformational. Powerful. That's the culture we're building. A life where we are both home with our children while they are still young and when they need us most. A life where we are free to go, free to live, and travel with Globalife as much as we would like, while still having a home base. A life that flows, doing different things every day, not confined by "work hours", cubicle walls, or bill due dates. A life where are business feels like community, and our "work" feels like ministry. A life where our collaborative business brings that same freedom and empowerment to many, many others. We are rising through doTERRA. And we are looking others who want to rise too. That's the beauty of collaborative business... we get to rise together. If you're like us, and ready to create a business that feels like freedom, then contact us. Let's join forces and do it together! It's a brand new world. Every morning we wake up with an opportunity to begin again. What if what you were creating today was harnessing the power of community and the energy of the wolf pack to create transformation for not only your family, but hundreds of other families? Oh yeah, Baby. I'M IN.

Connect with us here:
createhopeoils @

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wanted: International Business Builder and Team Leader

Leadership Position Opening

If you have a strong drive to DO MORE in life, then this position may be perfect for you!

We have a key leadership position available in our organization. It is one where you will work closely with my husband and I and you will begin with a team already in existence. This business is amazing, flexible, enriching, rewarding, challenging, boundary-breaking, fulfilling.

Our business is about empowering families and individuals to live more abundantly. You will feel excited and challenged as you create financial and time freedom for yourself and others. Are you interested in a life where the “bills” are taken care of and you get to spend more time doing what you love and are passionate about?

We have become very clear on our mission to create financial independence for ourselves and others, and do more in humanitarian efforts internationally. Are you interested in joining a team who is about abundance and global impact?

·         Self-motivated. Derives power from within.
·         Positive Attitude. See the brighter side.
·         Self-Confident. Believes in his/her abilities.
·         Initiates. A self-starter.
·         Teachable. Willing to learn and personally develop.


Flexible hours, but an average of 20 per week. Fluency in Spanish is strongly desired. Contact us for clear expectations. If this sounds like you, please contact us today! Time is of the essence and this position will be filled soon.

Createhopeoils @ gmail .com

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Where We Are Right Now: The smash-up of our life

The smash-up of it all sometimes leaves me in a tizzy. I want to cuss. Then I send myself to my room to huff oils, pray, and gather. And then I'm ok. "It's ok... I'm ok... Breeeeeaathe....."

In any given day I could dancing between so many things...

  • I could be looking in the eyes of my small, wise one as she processes a new concept and needs my attention to validate it's importance.
  • Then I could be answering the call of a friend who's ready for wellness in their home and wants to know how to start with essential oils.
  • Then I could be working with an in country contact to plan a specific act of service for our upcoming Globalife Journeys trip.
  • Or I could be doing anyone of the mundane things that motherhood is about... the fabric of existence that IS life.

It's a dancing of things I'm passionate about. It's a whirlwind that I sometimes cuss  & cry about, and other times scream in ridiculous excitement about. It's a creation HE and we made... beautiful, messy, and constantly expanding.

(We're running a non-profit, building a full-time business, and managing life with little ones. What the h*** was I thinking??)

We recently sat down with the Globalife Journeys board and clarified some things. Globalife, our humanitarian non-profit, is growing, but it could use so much more of us. It could become a HUGE impact.

But it needs our attention.

The next thing that became clear.... The growth of our doTERRA buisness will dramatically affect our ability to pay attention to and expand our non-profit, Globalife. The residual income that doTERRA will provide will allow Kenneth to come home and allow us to do exponentially more in multiple arenas. In additional to that, the actual work that IS doTERRA is life-changing and liberating. It IS what we are about... freedom, empowerment, liberation, impact.

And so... our course is clear. Continue to build doTERRA. And show everyone around us the ability that this buisness has to create a path to financial freedom and impact for their family.

So I ask... would you be open to joining us in our effort? Explore what doTERRA can offer you in terms of financial liberation or on-going wellness. In so doing, you will also help us and Globalife.

If residual income and financial freedom is something you want, and you are passionate about impacting the lives of others, then I want to talk to you asap. We're looking to work closely with passionate, purpose-driven leaders who want more in life. Get in touch with me. Let's explore it.

If none of those...but you're able to come watch our girls so we can build, then awesome! Or you just want to throw a hard-working, visionary momma some love, then fabulous! We're on a mission... it's happening. And we're loving the messy, tizzy of it all.

Even if we fall apart and cuss now and then while it's happening.