Thursday, November 2, 2006

Standing in my Closet

There I was, standing in my closet late on a Saturday night. I was starring at my two racks of clothes trying to determine between yawns what I was going to wear to church the next day. The alarm would go off at 5:30am and I was never in a state of mind that early in the morning to decide which clothes worked together and which didn't. My best bet was to hope that my sense of style was better at 11:30pm on a Saturday night than it was at 5:30am on a Sunday morning. I'm not too sure that my brain-speed was any better, but at least I could actually COME to a decision. So, there I stood--well, more like leaned...ok, tottered. And I thought to myself, as I looked at a top I was considering, "Man, I've worn that top at least once every week for the last I-don't-know-how-many months. I wonder if anyone else is tired of it yet. Oh well, they're gonna see it again." And I pulled it off the rack along with some slacks I had bought in '04. I laid them out, looked at my shoes, and absentmindedly thought, "I wish I could get some new clothes...."

I think God is such an amazing Father. He's Lord of the universe, holding the solar system in the palm of His hand, while at the same time, my secret confidant who goes with me everywhere. He hears every word we speak and knows every thought in our hearts. We cannot hide from Him--even in those moments when we're muttering to ourselves in our closets and we think no one hears us. A week after those few moments in my closet, a lady in the church brought in a huge box of clothes she didn't want anymore. There was Limited, Express, and Bebe tops, shorts, brand name pants, some handbags--and even a Prada purse. I left the Prada and took a whole stack of tops, some shorts and comfy pants. (Prada-shmada.) Two days after that a young lady from church brought me six pairs of jeans, capris, and pants to try on--she just didn't wear them anymore. I kept five of them. Fit perfectly. I just had to laugh out loud. "God, are you kidding me?!" I talk to God constantly, search Him out, wrestle with Him, worship Him, seek His face, desire His presence, tell Him my concerns and give Him my requests...and I see answers every day. I see Him respond to me every day. But what makes me laugh is when he answers would-be prayers that I never thought were worthy of praying--and He does it just to see my eyes light up. What an amazing Father. He is so good! I am soooo blessed to know Him.

"The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." ~Eric Hoffer

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