Friday, January 5, 2007

We're Still Here

I gotta tell ya, planting a new church is tough. Those who have been there and done it have been saying that the whole time. It's a faith-walk. I am a bit more in the middle of things than Kenneth. I am essentially the church's only paid employee and so I know what goes on from day to day. Kenneth works full time and sometimes is unable to attend events. It's almost as if he has the outside perspective, I have the inside one. At this moment, if you were to tell me it was an exciting, thrilling adventure I was on...I would look at you, shake my head, go"Umph" and tell you, "You don't even know."

The end of 2006 brought some changes. We started 2006 our as a large group of energized, battle ready troops, eager for new territory. Then, we quickly found war to be hard. Hard on you physically, emotionally, mentally--and especially spiritually. As the months went on, more and more people realized that there was a good possibility that they could die. Some decided to just back out before that could happen. Others found themselves leaving as they were injured. Some became POWs. Some left to fight other battles. Most are still dying. As 2006 turned into 2007, we huddled up and discussed new battle plans. We still start out 2007 as soldiers. But our ranks have thinned and our pockets have emptied. There's weariness and hunger. It's hard. But the biggest thing I notice as I look around is... we're still here.

"In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus." ~Romans 6:11


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melissa said...

So proud of you guys for pressing on in obedience!

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