Monday, March 19, 2007

New Season

It's a New Season here. So many changes have taken place just in the last week or two. I thought I would update you on all of them.

Two weeks ago we moved out of our sanctuary and became a mobile church again. I'm still leading worship with our small team of people. Rehearsing has been a big challenge because all the equipment is locked up in storage during the week. Last Sunday was particularly hard...I think the whole team felt discouraged. But we're still here--God's grace is still sufficient.

A week or so ago, our friends, Adam and Arissa--who had been living with us for a couple of months, moved out into their own condo. It was very exciting for them. So now we are back to two people and Bentley in the house.

This past Friday, Kenneth resigned from Enterprise. He took off all of last week to pray, process and rest...then went in on Friday to let Enterprise know of his decision. He's worked for Enterprise for almost 8 years. Today he starts his first day with Wachovia bank. He's in training to be a Financial Advisor. He's been in the interview process now for two months. He will be based in a branch 4 miles from our house and will work normal hours. PRAISE GOD.

This past weekend, we attended a Family Life Marriage Conference here in Lake Mary. A friend of ours was able to get us into the conference free of charge. (It's amazing to watch God's favor be lavished upon us through our friends.) This past weekend was life-changing for both of us. It opened our eyes to so many areas where we can--and need to--improve ourselves for the benefit of each other. This conference was definitely His divine timing...and after this last difficult season, we were ready for it.

Next week, my Administrative Assistant job with The Well will be moving into our home office. All of this month we have been packing up and preparing to vacate our office area in Longwood. We are downsizing to reduce cost, so much of our furniture, supplies, and equipment will go into storage. I will move all needed things over into our office and work from there in the mornings. I will still work at nanoDesk, my part-time help desk job, in the afternoons.

So much change. Kenneth and I completely believe we just stepped into a New Season. The last season was hard and very challenging. We had a few difficult breakdowns along the way....and as I've said before... some crisis, a few catastrophes, and a random smearing of chaos. But we are so excited about this new brings hope, anticipation, and an expectation of promises fulfilled.

"Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have worked salvation for Him." ~Psalm 98:1

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Luke said...

It is awesome what God is doing in your lives. Can't wait to see what he still has in store. Love you guys! - luke and virginia