Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning. Sun shining through red bamboo blinds, winning a war against darkness. Shadows slowly melt in corners. Light emerges as gradually as morning wisps of fog over the lake. The clock ticks quietly. The sun moves again. Thin beams of light pierce through dust now visible in my spankin' clean house--or so I thought. My eyes focus on one particularly large dust particle as consciousness comes back slowly. I realize that instead of praying, I just fell asleep on the floor of my prayer room. Well, how bout' that. Apparently even spiritually perfect people such as myself sometimes fall asleep in God's presence. ;) Only 25 minutes left...I better get to some Bible study....

8:05am. The sun is out in full splendor. The bamboo blinds are rolled up and the dust is hiding on my coffee table. (In plain view.) Bentley lays outside the bathroom as I roll up my wet hair. His expression ranges between puzzled and depressed because he's pretty sure I'm about to leave him. I grab my phone, pat him on the head and leave for work. BY WALKING TO THE OTHER SIDE OF MY HOUSE. Ok, this working from home thing is really throwing me.

The Well's church administration office is now in our home office. My church desk is set up on one side of the room and our personal office is on the other. I'm just getting myself situated and I'm finally able to start getting caught up on projects that have backed up. The hardest part right now is not getting distracted by home projects. Yesterday I took out the outgoing mail for the church and brought back in our mail...and found myself starting to sort our mail back in the office. "Wait! Bad Hope. Back to church work." I think it will just take me a short time to get used to being work-focused while at home. Something new for me. Now if I could just make sure I'm prayer focused when in the prayer room....

"He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today." -Tyron Edwards

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