Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Growth is such a funny word. You can grow in stature, grow in size, grow in age...grow in wisdom, or understanding. You can grow quickly or slowly, unnoticed or obvious. Growth has many levels. I think we are often at odds with God about how we want to grow... we think two dimensionally, He thinks omni-dimensionally. We think move forward, in one direction. He thinks increase, in every area. As a young church, we want to grow in numbers. God has been busy growing us in depth. "Oh the depths of the riches of Him...." That's where the "riches" are... in the depth. And the depth of Him in our lives is so transforming. Then suddenly when we realize the value of pursuing His depth, He begins to grow us in numbers. And more numbers. But it's the depth that is rich... the depth of love, friendship, integrity, humility, selflessness. It is the depth that contains the numbers. A shallow bowl holds few apples.

The Well is still meeting at the theater in Lake Mary. It's a great place for us. We are growing. But that's not really important anymore. What's important is the depth of knowing Him. We have so much fun with each other now. Our team laughs a lot. It's good to grow together.

"Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar." ~William Wordsworth


Hannah Jenkins said...

Hey Hope this is Hannah Jenkins from Bryan. I just wanted to say hi and tell you that we are in clearwater and my in-laws just started a church in Orlando so we are over there pretty often, maybe we can get in contact.

Hope Clark said...

Hey Hannah! I'm gonna email you... :)