Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Boy

Today is Kenneth's 29th birthday! Pretty good for a man who thought he would never live past 24, huh. I wish I could take him on a trip around the world. A surprise this Saturday will have to do. Meanwhile I will share with you my favorite picture of him demonstrating the gangsta lean.


valerie said...

Wow, we didn't know it was his birthday!! Happy Birthday Kenneth! Glad to hear you made it past age 24!! We would all be missing out on your fun-loving, Godly personality big time!!

Hope Clark said...

I'll forward your Happy Birthday to him. He had a terrible dream when he was young about dying in a car accident when he was 24. Isn't Gos incredible?... how He takes preconceived notions of ours and just blows them out of the water?! I'm glad he was born and is still alive too. ;)