Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Am A Super

I taught this past Sunday at Church for the first time! I had been dreading it for weeks, but it really wasn't that bad! We were finishing up our "See You At The Movies" series in which we hear from one of the Pastors as they expound on a principle found in a movie, then watch a clip from the movie, then have feedback time where audience members and give their insight to what we watched. It's been so entertaining and interesting to watch all these different movies and get different principles out of them that we never would have before. I taught from The Incredibles on supernatural gifts... gifts that God has given us that are super (above) nature (the natural world). "Hello. My name is Hope... and I am a Super."


Bimi said...

THis is awsome!! Way to go! You keep on preaching!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks so much Bimi! I'm so glad you and the other children were able to stay in service and participate. It made me feel so good to know you were there. :):)