Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The transition for Kenneth from Enterprise to Wachovia has been a roller coaster of emotion. He has now been a Wachovia employee for over three months. And now that the big bad exams are over, HE LOVES IT. And I love it even more. Except this phase of it. For the last two weeks and until mid September, he will be staying in Tampa through the week and home on the weekends. I get to have him home a few weeks out of the next two and half months. It stinks because as much company as Bentley is, the house is pretty dull without Kenneth. Yes, I know...what in the world did I do B.K.? (before Kenneth) But it's got it's little perks. We talk on the phone like we use to when we were dating. Neither one wants to get off the phone. Here's me: "So tell me everything about your day!" Here's him: "I'll just rest the phone here on my pillow next to my face and listen to you talk while I go to sleep." What? Doesn't every woman want to hear that?

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