Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bambino Update

We're 14 1/2 weeks along now! Baby Clark is now the cute size of a lemon and is already wiggling around. I'm past the mild nausea and wooziness. There were a few sessions of projectile vomit, in which I aimed for the toilet but sprayed the whole surrounding wall and floor... but it's not been bad. And the roller coaster of emotions is over. That was so bizarre... I'm normally so even-keel. But for a couple months there, an ad about puppy dogs would make me cry.

The craziest thing has happened...I stopped wanting coffee. No headache, no withdraw... I just didn't want it any more. Poor Kenneth is left to drink it alone now. No weird food cravings for me. But I could eat you out of bags of fruit and boxes of ice cream if you let me! And I'm starting to show a little. My waistline started to expand a month or so ago. A book that everyone has recommended to me, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," said that it was probably due to me eating too much and my intestines expanding from constipation. Well, now...isn't that nice. Thanks a lot. Right now I'm using rubber bands to connect the buttons and button holes on my pants. I bought my first pair of maternity pants the other day--quite the milestone.

Everyone here is putting in their bets on what gender Baby Clark is, but we won't know for several more weeks. The Well is almost more excited than we are--if that's possible. One thing's for sure...this baby will be very well loved by a family of awsome people.


cheryl said...

Pos pics of your belly:)

-auntie cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hey Hope! Beautiful sight! I really like it. I may end up hopping over to blogspot. Both you and Joseph have great looking sights... See you! Joey

Anonymous said...

Hey Hope! Great sight!!

Hope Clark said...

Hey Cheryl,
You're right, I should. It's high time we got a digital camera. Trying to process these disposable cameras in a timely manner never seems to happen. I just found a few disposable cameras around the house and when I developed them, one was from a year ago! I'll see what I can do.