Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Birthdays and Waffles

I turned 29 on Sunday. I think it happened sometime in the morning. It wasn't a crashing moment that thundered it's presence... just a quiet minute slipping by. We spent the weekend doing relaxing things I liked. Like sleeping in, watching cartoons, worshiping God, eating waffles with strawberries and whip cream, sitting in the sun, preparing worship for church, talking with my husband. Kenneth allowed me to have such a restful weekend, by doing little things for me.

Kenneth turned 29 last month and we both wondered what our last year in our twenties would be like. The Clark baby turns 17 weeks this week and we're both trying intently to stare through my belly and see what he/she looks like. No real movements yet...just flutters every once in a while. Bentley turned 31 sometime in the last month or so and has now found his passion in life. He believes he was called to hunt down and eliminate all the geckos in Florida. Our stay in Florida has turn a year and a half... so much has happened in that time. It's amazing to sit and think about how time turns into life. The crazy-busy moments and the waffles and whip cream moments. They all become a part of the journey. And before you know it, God has done something incredible.

Edit 9-6-07. According to an "annonymous" ;) comment, I would like to edit the above blog and note that Bentley is in fact chasing green lizards and not geckos. There.


Anonymous said...

They are lizards not geckos!

Bimi said...

Heller Mrs. Hope! This is Bimi, wow, you're an amazing writer! I love reading your blog! Keep writing. (By the way, nice picture of Bimi Thompson, she's gorgeous!)