Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colorado Visit

We just got back from an eventful trip back to Colorado Springs. It was our first trip back since coming out to Florida. We went for an annual board meeting for one of our favorite ministries, Worshiplanet. But we were able to visit some friends while we were there.

We drove past our old house, cruised around the new and old parts of town, visited with fantastic friends, and attended our wonderful old church (Calvary Worship Center.) It was great to get an update on Worshiplanet and the amazing things that this ministry has accomplished this past year. It was so good to spend time with good friends. But it was strange to be back in the Springs. It became very obvious to us that our hearts are in Florida. It was weird to think that the Springs had been our home for 5-plus years. We felt like fish out of water.

I laughed out loud when we were on our way up to Woodland Park Saturday morning. We passed a caravan of 9 jeeps. Some were Wranglers, some were Cherokee's. All were lifted and banged up. One of the Cherokee's had it's doors off. If you're a Jeep driver you know that it's only common for Jeep Wranglers to go with their doors off. You have to be a crazy 4x4 driver to take the door off your Cherokee--or were they ripped off? This driver had his whole leg hanging out the open door. As I continued to watch... I saw that the first 5 drivers were skinny white guys with bushy goatees or beards. I pointed it out to Kenneth and it became a bigger and bigger joke as we passed each Jeep. 8 out of the 9 had bushy Mountain-man goatees or beards. Kenneth shuddered and said, "I gotta get outta here." I just laughed. I never REALLY realized how selective the culture was there until we moved to multi-racial, inter-racial, omni-racial Orlando.

It was good to get away and visit. It's a ruggedly beautiful place. And both Kenneth and I are grateful for our time there and what God taught up there. But we are glad to be back where God has us now... in good ol' O-town. It's also kind of good to know that we have no regrets. There's nothing that could make us want to go back...to give up what we've gone through. It's been harder in Orlando than it ever was for either of us in Colorado Springs, but nothing could make us run away from it. In fact, we thrive here.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." -Pericles


Valerie said...

You two have seemed like Floridians all along! I don't know what I would do without you guys or the Well! Funny story yet very true indeed! Ciao Bella!

Hope Clark said...

Our hearts are certainly here. We never quite fit in there in Colorado, but God changed both our lives so dramatically there... I can't imagine not having lived and learned there. :) It's good to want to be where God wants you.