Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Frustrated With Excuses

Tell me, at what point in time will we be believe? When do we finally graciously get to the point where we can give God the "honor" of saying, "Yes, I get it... I believe." God demonstrates His faithfulness over and over, and over... and over again. And we say, "Praise God! I believe!" But do we?! What happens the next time we don't have money for a bill, or the car brakes down, or we feel inadequate and overwhelmed? And yet, He just provided. Think back... how many times has God pulled you out of a jam--through with the miraculous, or through with your own hands? How many times!? And how many times has He seemingly failed you? How many times has He not come through--only to provide in a different way, at a different time? And how many times do we see it, thank Him for it and go on our merry way, until another circumstance happens and we're suddenly sinking and screaming, "Lord, help! I'm drowning!" Seriously... how many times does this have to happen before we will finally BELIEVE?

Each time we have a different excuse... "Oh, it's bad this time... Oh, I'm so overwhelmed this time... Oh, I've never been able to do this before... Oh, I knew this was going to happen... Oh, it's just impossible to think we'll get through this... " John walked on water. Then he doubted. Then he sank. If he had simply BELIEVED, he wouldn't have sank. What was his excuse? "Oh, the wind knocked me over..."? "Oh, the no one else in my family has ever been able to walk on water..."? "Oh, I don't have enough money to pay for water-walking today..."? No, he didn't have an excuse. There was God. There was the storm... storm, God... God, storm. Who do you thinks gonna win!? I'm tired of Christians living like they have a reason to doubt. How many times does God say to us "Come, get out of the boat...." and we doubt before we even step? How many times have we just walked on water--and then the second time we doubt? And the third and the fourth...? Just how many times is He going to have to prove our ability and His faithfulness to us before we believe? And what right do we have to demand that? By what "justified" arrogance do we think we are validated to make God prove over and over and over again that He is sovereign in our lives? It's selfishness and it's childish. He's proved it so many, many times to us. We need to stop throwing Him excuses when we are faced with circumstances. We need to start acting like we don't have any more excuses to disbelieve Him, because we don't.

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