Monday, September 17, 2007

The Lies We Believe

The lie is buried deep down in my soul
where it hides and intends to swallow me whole.
A voice of evil watered the lie's seed,
while winds of doubt and fear caused life to recede.
The root grew deep and cracked the foundation,
crawling feelers through the whole sub-striation.
They stretched and slithered and became fingers
of death that strangled any life that lingered.
The root sprouted a trunk that grew inside,
climbing up but unseen by the natural eye.
Hiding inside it festered and boiled,
turning and twisting an poisoning the Holy oil.
A single branch emerged and grew lifeless,
pointing a crooked finder with a small mess
of tiny dark leaves on the broken tips.
It grew out my mouth and put leaves on my lips,
sprouting more lies as I spoke, it germinated
and produced more sees that contaminated
as they spread on the winds of fear and doubt.
Dark seeds of a lie I knew nothing about.
They landed on open ears and crawled inside,
creeping their way into a new soul to hide.

A couple of months ago I got a revelation of what it means to believe a lie. It's such a deceptive thing. The enemy sneaks them in and then we spend years believing them before our eyes are opened to the truth. Like believing you're inadequate, or not good enough, or not beautiful enough, or not smart enough or any of the other little lies that sneak their way into our foundation until we believe it as truth... though we may hide the fact that we believe it. Because with the lie comes condemnation and depair and defeat and all it's brothers. They create a cycle of prison bars around you. Once I realized the deception I believed and understood what God had really intended for me, I got a whole new tenacious aggression to uncover them and rip them out by the root. It was like weeding in the garden...ripping thorny bushes out by the root. My hands got dirty, my arms got scratched, I was covered in smelly sap, and I bled. But the soil was so tender and ready when I was done. Only God reveals the weeds in our soul. Only He can help us rip them out. Only he can plant the truth. Only he can wash off the dirt and heal the wounds. But we must be willing to go weed.

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Bimi said...

You are such a talented writer! Teach me to write like you!