Friday, September 28, 2007

A Response...

Yeah, I hear you. Something like... "All Peter risked was getting his clothes wet and a little embarrassment... if I believe I risk getting humiliated by looking foolish, losing more than I want to lose, and facing broken hope, all because I didn't expect the worst case scenario. I've been disappointed so many times. I might as well stay where I am and be safe." Wow. Are you kidding me with this? I'm sorry... Is He God in your life, or not? Has He brought you this far, or not?

John Wimber said, "Faith is spelled R-I-S-K." Bill Johnson said "If we really want more of God then we must change our lifestyle so that His manifested presence will increase upon us. the bold attempt to take Him at His Word, so that as we radically obey His charge, He says Amen* with the miraculous. (*Mark 16:20)" The lives of these men were not easy. They could have pulled an excuse out of their shorts and backed down. But they didn't. It all starts with faith... belief in God. Belief that God will do what He says He will do. Belief that God has equipped you to do what He asked you to do. Belief that He is bigger than the circumstances. Belief that you are as valuable and able as He says you are because He doesn't lie. I'm tired of us justifying our unbelief with hurtful childhood lessons, poor life experiences, and mob-rule thought processes. Is God our God?... or is hurt your God? Who do you fear more? Will we believe Him, or will we subscribe to a "religion" that we don't really believe? How long will we offend Him with hidden doubt... while He continues to prove Himself day in and day out??

You know... I'm just venting. I'm frustrated with my own unbelief and that of others. If you agree with me, then start breeding belief in your spheres of influence. If you were offended, well... hmm.

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