Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I Am Your Teacher."

I've learned so much about leading worship in the last year. It was about a year ago that I led worship for the first time at The Well while our Worship Pastor was on vacation. Since then it's gone from once in a while, to filling in temporarily, to a permanent position. I can't even describe how much I've grown.

Right away, my first internal thought was, "How do I do this? I didn't go to Worship School. I don't know what I'm doing." And the Holy Spirit's immediate response was, "I am your teacher." Then I started writing songs and after the first was downloaded into me in about 8 minutes, I thought..."Hmm...who am I going to run this by to make sure it's scripturally sound and melodically well put together?" The immediate reply, "I am your teacher." Then I started to really embrace my role as a Worship Team Leader and started thinking about how I can improve rehearsal time, corrective instruction for the team, increasing our portfolio of songs, improving the ones we already know, etc... and I thought, "How am I supposed to teach them when I'm still learning? There's probably a right way to do all of this and I don't know if I know it." There He was again. "I am your teacher."

Everytime I think I need to subject my decisions or actions in this role to a person for scrutiny, the Holy Spirit reminds me that He is the master at Worship. He is my teacher and authority on the subject. I go to Him for answers. I keep thinking, I want to be sure I fit inside the Worship-box already designated as "good and proper" by some unidentified worship gurus. And God keeps reminding me that He works outside the box. He wants new sounds, He wants creativity and a heart sold-out to Him. He doesn't want packaged, processed, man-approved music. He's looking for people who will say "What does Heaven sound like today? I want to write it down so we can join them."


Joseph said...


This is so right on. We are fortunate to have the gift of you to The Well. Keep up the great stuff! Or, in the inimitable words of your husband... Do work!!!

brenna said...

Love the closing line. :)