Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I've been so humbled lately by what God is showing me. His love is so disarming, so unraveling, so melting. The two biggest concepts that I have just been overwhelmed with in the last few days, between Sunday at church, a friend's words of encouragement, and God speaking, are...

1. Either He is or He isn't. Either He is my provider or He isn't. No amount of processing, worrying, attempting to believe or fighting through unbelief... will change it. Either HE IS, or He isn't. And He is. Period.

2. Fear hides as many things. It hides as wisdom, as caution, as planning, as worry, as control. Peace is not the antidote for fear... it's love. Perfect Love casts out fear. And HE IS perfect love. The words of my own testimony are all it takes to remind me of the perfect love of God for me and my family.

He has revealed fear hiding in my life in ridiculous ways. Of course, it only becomes ridiculous when placed next to God's faithful love. God is orchestrating my life every step of the way. I live on an unlimited income, with unlimited forgiveness, in unlimited abundance and unlimited love because the LOVER of my life is unlimited.

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