Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mind-Bottled About Worship

This whole concept of teaching worship is mind-bottling for me. (Thank you Will Ferrell of "Blades of Glory"... "Yeah, mind-bottling... you know, when all your thoughts get jumbled up inside your head like in a bottle.")

Worship is entirely for Him, led by Him, through Him, sustained in Him. It's not about us. And yet people are coming to church not knowing what they don't know about God... looking to learn more. So I get so caught in the middle of two extremes... one is where I look straight ahead, focus on God and fly off in worship with little thought about who's following me. The other is where I think intentionally about where people are and how they're engaging and spend some time helping them engage in worship in a meaningful way. And yet--it's not I that engages them, the Holy Spirit does. I am a vessel that speaks and leads. And yet, most of how I lead, is by going ahead myself. So really... where do I focus? How do I go into Heaven and yet stay on earth to make sure everyone gets it? How do I do them at the same time when they seem to be so opposite? It's really difficult. Probably one of the questions of every worship leader. The scarier danger to me is the tendency to stay on earth where the stragglers are. And yet, leaving all behind and never teaching or coaching forfeits my purpose as a "Leader". Lord, help... teach me!

"Whenever the method of worship becomes more important than the Person of worship, we have already prostituted our worship. There are entire congregations who worship praise and praise worship but who have not yet learned to praise and worship God in Jesus Christ." ~ Judson Cornwall

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