Friday, November 9, 2007

Visualizing Worship

I was talking to a friend (blogging with a friend can be considered talking) and we were talking about the experience of Worship....

For me, leading worship is like entering the most amazing, breathtaking palace/castle you've ever seen, in hopes of having an audience with the King. I cross the moat under the drawbridge with all the crappy, yucky water in it and leave my attitude and selfishness there. I stand in the enormous doorway guarded by huge angels and I remove all my Armour and weapons, leaving my defense mechanism lying on the floor. I walk on, led by the Holy Spirit, vulnerable and hopeful. Closer and closer to the throne room. I can hear the voices of the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy... At that point I look back to see who is following me... to see if the congregation is "entering into worship." And in a split second I see where people are. Some are still standing outside looking at the moat saying, "But why can't He just come out and meet me here?" Other's are standing in the doorway saying,"I don't give up my gun for nobody." Others are with me. All I can do is continue on and pray that the others will realize the privilege they have to be even permitted an audience with the King.

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Anonymous said...

Hope -- I just typed here and promptly lost what I had typed. DAH! I was looking at pix of that BEAUTIFUL Selah and started moving around on your blog. (never been on a blog before...) I LOVE the way you described worship here! How do I (may I?) continue to read the things that you've written? Do I sign up somewhere? Back to Sehal.... AHHHH!!! OH! And do you have any wedding pictures? I think I saw one or two of Lauren's -- do you have any posted?

Mom D. (I don't have a Google or Blogger account. Should I?)