Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Christmas

The Clark home is a bit quiet this Christmas. Last year we had 9 people stay with us for several days at Christmas. We always see Kenneth's family for Christmas--either we go to San Antonio or they come to our house. This year it's too late for us to fly and too long for us to drive. My family was just here around Thanksgiving and it was sooo wonderful to spend time with them all. It's a bit sad to be away from Kenneth's family this year. Even Nick, Kenneth's cousin who is living with us, has left to go back home for Christmas. We are both still busy with church events and work--including work and church parties, the Home Builders class we are hosting, the Bradley Method birthing class we attend once a week, Lead Team meetings, date night, and evenings of "Oh look! We're staying home tonight!" :)

It's made this season a little more thoughtful for us. I sat this morning in our prayer room as I do every morning. Bentley lay next to me, patiently protecting. Selah began her morning exercises in my belly...jumping off my bladder, doing a side kick to my hip bone and ending with a full roundhouse into my right rib cage. Next year we will have Selah with us in person--in fact, she'll be here in a couple short months. And I know that will change everything--in a wonderful way. So for now, we remain a quiet three-some this Christmas. Me, Kenneth and Bentley. (And Selah with an occational demonstration of martial arts.)

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Joseph said...

Hmmmm, let me just "Pause and think about that." Selah, we can hardly wait. :)