Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Update On Preggo

I'm good. Just wanted to let you know. My body is starting to get weirder, tho. We're 32 weeks along now. My tailbone is constantly sore. My right arm and hand falls painfully asleep after 10-15 minutes if I lay on my right side at night... which I don't do often because you're supposed to sleep on your left side to encourage proper rotation of the baby. If I hold either arm directly out to my side and squeeze my hand shut, I feel painful tingling all the way up my arms. A couple of weeks ago I woke up and was suddenly swollen everywhere. My ankles look like kankles most of the time now (big and swollen). My wedding rings are on a chain around my neck now because there is no way I'm getting a ring on any one of my fat fingers. My hair is nice and healthy and my cheeks are a little fatter. I usually walk around like I've been riding a horse all day... it's the pregnant cowgirl strut (Ha!).

At least 4 mornings a week I work out to... (drum roll please)... 1980's Denise Austin's "Getting Fit" workout shows on ESPN Classic. It's about as cheesy as it gets--puffy bangs, corny exercise moves, teal leotards over fuchsia leggings and two-tone socks--but hey, the girl's still got game! Bentley lays on his bed and stares at me while my belly bounces around. Oh the glamour of it all!!

Kenneth now works 4 minutes from home--thank you Lord! He's often able to come home for lunch. After Selah comes, I will take a few weeks off work and when I come back I will be able to work entirely from home. I will still work for The Well in mornings, and nanoDesk is going to set me up to work from home in the afternoons. I'll have a break mid-shift so I can nurse and do what I need to for Selah. God is sooo good isn't He? I have been praying for His provision concerning our finances and preparation for adding to the family, and I knew He would do something like this. Who else could set someone up with two part-time jobs that allow you a full-time schedule from your own home? God, you are good.


Kat said...

My heart goes out to you. I hope that the remainder of your pregnancy is good and somewhat enjoyable. Every kick, every flip--it's your little angel inside you!! I get chills just thinking about it. You are going to be a FABULOUS Mom!! Heck--you already are :) Hug yourself for me!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Kat! I love getting your updates on how like it with your family. I'm starting to get really excited. :) Give yourself a hug too!!