Friday, January 11, 2008

Life At Church This Week

I took a little break from blogging for the last week and a half. I've been trying to rest as much a possible in preparation for baby Selah to come. We had a surprising hospital visit last week when my blood pressure spiked, but I'm doing much better now.

We're in the midst of a 21 day Daniel fast at church right now. No, you're right... I'm not fasting food--even though everyone else is. I'm fasting TV. It's kind of a weird thing to fast, but I figured that if I couldn't remove food to increase my Spiritual appetite, I would make time to increase my Spiritual intake. It's been really good. I see God preparing us in many different ways for the year to come. I'm so excited for 2008!

We are doing great at the Elementary School where we meet. Every Sunday morning our team shows up to set up and every Sunday something new and exciting happens. We have a couple more people helping us set up now. Anticipation is always in the air on Sunday mornings as we go about our jobs for set up. I'm sitting on a stool now while I lead worship. Our whole Worship Team has been growing so much in skill, communication and flexibility. It's often hard to stop worshipping. After Pastor Joseph teaches, visitors and members always linger around to ask questions, visit, laugh, and help us tear down--eventually. There are about 60-70 members now. The atmosphere is so genuine, honest and loving... it's hard for anyone to go home. We have become so at home at the School. And we have come so far from the difficult season we had about a year ago. It's as though it was a different life, or a different world... certainly a different church. Both Kenneth and I look forward to Sundays all week long. It's one of the best things about our week. Thank you for all your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Go God!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say. I really like the new look of the blog.