Friday, February 22, 2008

2nd Anniversary

The Church at The Well is two!! We had our 2nd year anniversary this week. Most of you know that we moved to Florida two years ago to help plant this church. The church we originally planted completely died a year ago. The church we now attend is totally different than the one we tried to plant last year. It's been hard, heavy, and humbling! But I love this church! It's so exciting to see how we've grown and how many lives we are impacting. Just as important as our members growing spiritually is the importance of our leadership growing spiritually. This past year, I've seen our leadership team grow in ways that only God can open the doors for. As my Dad would say, "Come hell or high water..." we're going after God's calling for us.
P.S. Thank you so much for your support and prayers for us and The Well. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Joseph said...

We really are loving this rollercoaster ride of life!