Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worship Is Our Response...

This is a great quote... it simplifies what worship is for us.

“Worship is our response to God. In other words, we don’t initiate worship; God does. He reveals; we respond. He discloses; we respond. He unveils; we respond. He chooses to show us how amazing He is; we say ‘God, You’re amazing!’ Our whole relationship with God works the same way; He loves. We love in return. He calls. We answer. He leads. We follow.”
~ Lou Giglio (The Air I Breathe)

I find this to be so relieving. Sometimes I think we feel like we have to work hard to connect with God, say the right things, hold our hands in the right places... make every effort to be in the act of worship... and maybe then He'll respond. We work so hard to get back to some place where we encountered Him before--or maybe we're trying to stage our first encounter with Him. Or, perhaps we don't really know where to start so we stand there trying to get the nerve to take a new step. And there we are again... thinking that it's about us, when it's not. Ours is not an action that warrants a response from Him, but a response to His incomparable actions.

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