Sunday, March 2, 2008

Worship Team Purpose

I asked our worship team a question this morning. "What are you doing to prepare for worship every Sunday so that we as a team ensure we fulfill our purpose?" Our church has a worship team for a purpose. There is a reason we exist and it's listed right on our website. And the positions we have, we have by grace--not by right. We could easily and quickly lose them if we get too comfortable. Because, if we get too comfortable, we won't pursue our purpose. God is Who reveals... it is He Who moves on Sunday. But He chose us to be His instruments. How can He flow through us to His people without us first being full of Him? How can we demonstrate and lead worship if our spirits are not already filled and overflowing with worship of Him?

Every one on the worship team is a leader. From drummer to back-up singer. We are all leading because we are all demonstrating worship to our church. It's not just up to the Worship Pastor. We are all being watched and followed. And we all have a responsibility to this church, to the team and to God to lead in spirit and in truth. If no one on our team smiles during worship, or ever looks up from the chord charts to connect with people... if there's dead air between each song and sour attitudes... can we say we are adequately expressing and demonstrating the joy and life-changing awe of being in the presence of the most high God? These are all small out-ward expressions that reveal a deeper truth. Smiles can be faked. Faking it won't cut it on our team. It's obvious when a worship team is in a place where God is over-flowing from them to the church body... and it's obvious when He's not. If we are each personally pursuing depth in our worship, then the joy and vibrance of spirit-filled worship will spontaneously over-flow from us.

So, if you are part of a worship team, what are you doing to prepare for worship every Sunday so that your team ensures you fulfill your purpose?

"To worship God in spirit requires that we be alive on the inside, experiencing the life He gives by spiritual birth. Without His life, you can never truly worship. And to worship in truth means to worship God as He really is, and bringing more than our words--bringing words amplified by an authentic life that flows from being spiritually alive within." -Lou Giglio

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Valerie said...

Girl you were on fire! Worship was awesome on anointed! I really love the free worship and the conga's gave it such an authentic vibe. The Holy Spirit was definitely there! Ciao Bella!