Friday, May 9, 2008

Choosing The Set

Sunday is almost here. Two days away. As I prepare for worship, I always ask the Holy Spirit to lead me into the worship that would most please the Father. I rarely know what the message will be about, although the final set is always reviewed by Pastor Joseph. Sometimes the Holy Spirit drops a theme into my spirit... other times He seems to choose the songs for me. And sometimes they seem completely unrelated until we're there in the midst of worship and it all makes sense. (Not that it has to.) Sometimes I still get nervous when choosing the set. On those days I know I'm trying too hard--and I generally haven't spent any/enough time in prayer about it. Is this really the song He wants to hear? Will the people be able to worship to it? Is our team familiar with it? All these questions start swirling. On other days, my prayer has barely left my mouth when the entire set list just drops into my spirit and I know there are no questions to be asked. Leading worship is such an adventure, a challenge, and has so many facets to it that I had never realized before. It's different every week, in so many more ways than just the songs.


Thea said...

It is Sunday AM..early...but still morning. I'm sure the service will go well and no doubt the Lord will be pleased. It reminds me of the verse that says "...and find out what pleases the Lord" - I think the fact it matters to you to know what He wants to hear is a joy to Him.

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Thea! :) It went really well, actually. I so enjoyed worship yesterday--which isn't something I can always say.