Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Growing Predicament

I fingered the collar speculatively and eyed my 3 month old Selah.

The collared top was adorable with it's barley-pink paisley, pleated cap sleeves, and lace edging. (Seriously?? A year ago I would have told you paisley and pleated cap sleeves with lace edging is so old school--and here I am trying desperately to fit it on my own daughter. What makes 19th century frocks suddenly irresistible when then go on babies? But I digress....)

The buttons on the back were the perfect shade, blending in with the paisley. The empire waist (Wow...even more pleates.) had a line of small pink stitching over it. The best part was the matching embroidery on the corderoy pants. (Yes, I just said "corderoy" with a straight face.) The matching flowers were delicately embroidered (plastered) on the front of one of the legs and on one of the rear pockets. It was rediculously adorable.

I eyed her again. She looked back at me and grinned. She apparently knew nothing of the severity of the predicament I was in.

Here I was, completely conflicted over the paradox of how the silliest things look so adorable on her... when I suddenly realized that IT DIDN'T FIT HER ANYMORE. What in the world! She grew last night. And now my beautiful pleates and corderoys won't fit! I rummaged through all her drawers pulling out laced item after embroidered item and nothing with "NB" fit her anymore!

Panic set in. Am I ready for her to drive yet? How did she get old enough for a boyfriend? Have we set aside enough for college? I stared at her wide-eyed. She grinned.

I slowly pulled out a 3 month old outfit and put it on her. It was jersey material with horizontal stripes--noticably more of this century. And I gathered my thoughts. Well, I knew she was going to grow up someday. It's a good thing. I'll just box up all her newborn clothes and put them away. Wait...I might still be able to fit that white lace Amish bonnet on her....


Thea said...

It IS overnight, isn't it? Evelyn is 7 weeks and 12 lbs...that's when the 0-3 months start to not fit...newborn stuff is out the window. Um 12 lbs?? Good gracious you'd think I was feeding her milkshakes and not milk! I should sell this stuff to body builders. I want to see more Selah pics!

Joseph said...

That's so funny! Love the prose but especially love the story.

Hope Clark said...

Yes! Whoo hoo! 12 pounds!! Don'tcha just love that 12 pounds?!? I'll post more pics of Selah soon. :)

Hope Clark said...

Thank Joseph! I still haven't packed up the Amish bonnet.