Saturday, May 24, 2008

Florida Outpouring

I went to the Florida Outpouring, sponsored by Fresh Fire Ministries, in Lakeland last night. It was incredible for me to see. So much is being said and not said, assumed and inferred, perceived and heard about it. I wanted to go for myself. I knew that if I could just get an ounce more of anointing for our worship at The Well, then it would be worth it to me. I don't mind chewing the meat and throwing out the bones. I don't even know if there will be any bones to throw out. I just can't let an opportunity to take a step closer to God pass me by, no matter what it looks like or sounds like. And if I get nothing out of it, at least I tried.

I was so surprised. Thousands of people. Children, adults, elderly. Crazy nut-jobs with matching glitter camo outfits, and urban thugs with caps to the side. Old hippies with sun-burned wrinkles head banging to worship, and young children dancing and twirling. Indian families, Hispanic youth groups, Black worshippers, White adults. Saved and unsaved. At least 20 different countries were represented by visitors who had flown in for the service.

Worship was an hour and a half long. Mostly driven rock and then times of open, extended free worship. "Glory, glory..." was sung for what seemed like a couple of minutes, but must have been half and hour. The atmosphere changed. It was beautiful. There were voices that I couldn't see with the naked eye.

The healings began. One that stood out to me was a man who began to see out of his glass eye. Crazy. He also had two prosthetic legs. The straps that held his prosthetic limbs on used to be snug. They were now bursting and could barely stay secure. His legs were beginning to grow.

People were saved. This little 7 years old girl had a life long skin disease disappear after her mother brought home a prayer towel and rubbed it on her skin. She told her mom, "I want to go to Lakeland to get saved by Jesus." She stood on stage and was led through the prayer of salvation. An alter call was made immediately. People came forward from everywhere. There were at least 60-70 at the alter, giving their lives to Jesus.

Twelve people have been raised from the dead--that is the confirmed, verified number. The 13th just happened, but they haven't confirmed it yet.

Fliers have gone out all over the city of Lakeland. People have gone door to door. Major newspapers and TV stations have begun to do stories, taking the truth to a secular audience. The message is that Jesus is the one true God who loves you and wants to make a difference in your life. It was so exciting for me to see.

As Pastor Joseph said, God loves people more than methods. No matter your method... Praise God. He is an out-of-the-box God. And He is GOOD. May His presence and glory go with me and affect those around me, and my church also!


Valerie said...

Girl, you effortlessly put this experience into words...I love it! I am so glad I could share this facet of the Lord with you!

Stacey said...

Isn't it amazing, we have gone down several times! God's power and His love is being poured out, changing peoples' (including mine) forever! :o)

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Valerie! I just wanted to share my experience. :)

Stacey, I agree! It certainly is wonderful. :)