Thursday, May 15, 2008

II Chronicles 16

(Final post of my personal devotions this week.)

Asa has been King of Judah for 36 years now. He's seen a lot. But one thing he hasn't seen in 25 years is war. He's had rest on every side for 25 years. He removed the idols, sought after God, and received peace because of it. That's so cool.

Then something happened to prevent the normal coming and going of life. Something came against him that made life a little difficult. And without consulting with God, he looked to his allies to fix the situation.

In fact he took treasure out of the House of God and gave it to his allies to ensure their friendship. Treasure... out of the House of GOD. Bad move.

"For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." ~ vs. 9

Those whose heart is completely His. Asa had sought God in the past... why did he make this mistake now? Now he has to re-learn this lesson again. His instinctive response to hardship revealed his heart.

When have I sought to improve my odds instead of seeking to follow His will?
What treasure am I taking from God so I can give it to allies?

May my heart be completely Yours. May I rely on You, run to You, rest in You, and revel in You. May I know what it means to give my heart completely to You. Lord, help me to stay close. Teach me to keep what You treasure for You alone. Help me to keep you as my primary source.


Thea said...

I came to your blog today just to hear this song...I love it :) Great post too. Have a GREAT trip!!!!! Consider yourself hugged a big great huge hug. Miss ya girl -

Hope Clark said...

I know, I just love this song. Joseph introduced Asa to us. :)