Friday, May 30, 2008


Sometimes I find myself with so much to do that I get nervous if I'm not doing two things at once.

Whether it's work-time or home-time, I have lists to do. I listen to my voice mails while doing the dishes, then shake my hands dry to put the milk in the fridge and miss the opportunity to delete the message. I go to the bathroom and start reading the article I left off the last time I was in there. I answer a phone call while putting clothes in the dryer and pick up the broom that just fell over, then go check on Selah in her jumper...only to walk back in the kitchen 15 minutes later and find the dryer door still open.

Then there's work. I pick Selah up to nurse while working on the computer. While checking my work email I remember to add the finishing touch to a project, so I open the project up and realize the computer is running slowly. So I start a back up of the hard drive, check my to-do list, then change Selah's diaper. 30 minutes later, after a smattering of filing, organizing and updating, I'm trying to figure out what I was doing in the first place. Right... the email. But now the computer is backing up. Is there a book I could get on how to prioritize my multi-tasking? Maybe I could start reading it the next time I go to the bathroom.


ST said...

Welcome to my life, fellow Wife-Mother-Woman!!
P.S. when you find that book, do share!

Kat said...

Hahahha That was dead on. I can't believe how busy life has gotten. It is just good to know that God desires for us to be Mary's instead of Martha's (stewart :)

Hug yourself for me!

Hope Clark said...

You two pros shoulda warned me! But then again, how do you warn a new mother??

So true Kat... that's the hardest part of the balance: being a Prov. 31 woman, while being able to drop it all for some time at HIS feet. May I decrease that HE increase!

Thea said...

Haha - I was going to say "welcome to daily life" then I saw st's comment :) The best part is early on when your husband comes home and finds the one thing you did not do and mentions it or asks what you've been doing all day. Then he has 3 hours home alone and is calling your cell phone to find out how close to home you are and when you'll be back to rescue him...VINDICATED! I guess it's all part of the journey & I agree...less of me and more of Him!!! :) Big hugs - you're an awesome wife & mommy and juggling a lot!