Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worship Sunday

We just had our first all worship Sunday service at The Well this past Sunday. It was so cool for me. The morning started out so rough... it felt like a battle from the beginning. Our rehearsal began late. At the beginning of worship I had a brain freeze and felt like I had completely forgotten how to play the piano. But breakthrough came and we worshipped in a way that we haven't worshipped before. At one point Pastor Joseph came up to request a song that wasn't on the set list and we hadn't done in a while. Unknown to him, the Spirit had also prompted me to do the very same song and I began to play it even while Pastor Joseph was requesting it. The rest of the team just followed along and our church worshipped God in a new way. May He receive all the glory!
For more pictures of Worship Sunday, click here.


Thea said...

Sounds awesome - wish I could have been there to worship with all of you. :) It makes my heart so happy for you to see all God is doing in your life and how he is using you to touch those around you - go girl!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks so much Thea! It's so incredible to look back on the path I've travelled--several of those years were next to you. :) God truly is the Master Orchestrator. May He receive all the glory.