Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekend To Remember

This past weekend we went to Family Life's Weekend To Remember. We took 5 other couples with us. They are all a part of our Home Builder's group that meets every other Tuesday evening to work on improving our marriages. This weekend was incredible. It was our second time to attend a Weekend To Remember. But I think I learned more this time than I did the last time. Some of it was stuff I knew, but had forgotten to always apply. Here's just some of what I walked away with...

1. Life, jobs, cooking, laundry, baby, errands, etc. tend to take my attention from what should be my first two priorities: God first. Husband second.

2. Don't just say "I'm sorry" and leave it there. Take the additional step of humility and ASK for forgiveness.

3. Listen to what he's saying, not how he's saying it. Listen to understand, not debate.

4. Although our communication styles are completely different, we can honor each other by adjusting our style.

5. I am not sleeping with the enemy.

6. Our weaknesses are often nothing more than strengths over-used. Weaknesses are not justification for rejecting him.

More to come...


Thea said...

Sounds like a great conference - those are all great points and good reminders for me!!! :) Post more points!!!

Hope you guys are enjoying June!!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Thea! We had a fantastic time...I think we'll be unpacking it for a while. You don't have a great marriage by just hoping for one. But sometimes, it's so hard to realize that it starts with ourselves. :)