Monday, July 14, 2008

It Was A Success!

We're back in O-town today. Back to life, back to work, back to our home. It was a GREAT trip. Kenneth was truly speechless when Selah and I surprised him at work last Wednesday with the news that we would be flying to his parents home that evening. The surprises continued when one of his best friends showed up at dinner that following night. And it seemed to never end when his whole extended family showed up at a pool party the following night.

One of the highlights for Kenneth was a 12 minute DVD of pictures of Kenneth growing up. There were all sorts of crazy memories in those pictures--not too mention some hilarious 80's fro-do's and outfits!

One of my highlights was watching so many people love on my husband. He was so surprised at how many people went out of their way to say or do something nice for him. Another was watching Selah. She just couldn't stand to miss anything and kept herself awake--much to my dismay--at all costs just so she would see what was going on.

I'm glad to be home now, but I had a great time. I've never been able to successfully surprise Kenneth until now. This weekend is one I will always remember.


Joseph said...

Good for you Hope. You did an excellent job planning this surprise for Kenneth. We are glad to have you guys back home though.

Hope Clark said...

I'm glad to be back, too. :)