Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pleasing God

I've been thinking more about this "Pleasing God" thing.

My tendency is to be a man-pleaser. I've worked hard to change that into being a God-pleaser. I've learned to embrace conflict and be bold in speaking the truth. I've embraced the fear of the Lord, instead of the fear of man.

But I'm realizing that being a God-pleaser is still missing the mark. I thought it was good. But it's still striving to be approved... striving to make Him proud... striving. Rather than resting in the fact that that I am already accepted and approved. I simply need to fall in love with Him--and He is the one Who works in me His good will, so He will help me to do that.

It's so simple, and yet such a deep revelation. I am already pleasing to Him.


Joey said...

Great thought Hope. We just need to "be". That's it. At any point that we "try" to be something, the focus changes from Him to us.

Stacey said...

Hope...I seem to run into the same "problem". I think that a lot of us run into this "problem" because we are taught at a very young age that if we are good then we feel loved and if we are bad then we don't feel love. Instead of always feeling loved no matter what, but being disciplined for our actions not who we are. (I hope that makes sense.) We often aren't taught the difference between loving the person and hating the sin/action. So, we don't seperate the two, therefor it leads us to looking for other peoples approval or God's approval because to us approval equals love!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Joey. So true...and He is the one who even enables our "being". So, no more "trying". :)

Totally see what you're saying. It certainly reminds me of what an incredible responsibility I/we have of disciplining Selah with love. I'd rather she didn't have to wait 30 years to figure that out. :)