Friday, July 18, 2008

Teeth = Supplemental Food

Yes, we are now aggressively pursuing formula and soft baby food as a supplemental meal. We, meaning Kenneth and I. Selah's just not quite on board with it yet.

She wants the Dom Perignon (me). I keep trying to tell her that bubbly apple cider is the same thing. She wrinkles her nose, pouts her lips and pauses for the full effect, before blurting out her protest.

And she is convinced that the mushy apple sauce is some sort of cat and mouse game. Her goal is to bite down on the spoon as soon as it goes in, then spit out the apple sauce while I try to catch it. She's been winning.


Joseph said...

Just keep persevering. Her brain hasn't made the connection that she's hungry less often and has a pot pourri of flavors to choose from when she converts to solids (not to talk of the rest you get not having to feed her every couple of hours or so)!!! :)

Stacey said...

I LOVED the way you described your encounters with solid food and Selah. It sounds like she is "right on track" with all the other kids who are just starting out on solids. :o) More of the food ends up on the bib, her nose, your hands, her clothes than actually ends up in her mouth. Have you guys tried baby cereal? Some times that works well too, because you can "water it down" so that it is a consistancy that she is more used to. Before you know it she will be begging you for your food!!!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks for the encouragment Joseph and Stacey! I'll keep at it...I can already see improvement from when we first started. :)