Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Top Priorities

We have dentists appointments today. Both Kenneth and I. Back to back. Selah will sit with one in the waiting room while the other is in "the chair".

And I also want to work out today. I've had my devotion already. But laundry needs to be done, dishes need to be done and I can't remember the last time our bedroom was vacuumed. And of course there's work--which is important and necessary, and has a list of to-do's also. At the moment, Selah is taking a nap, so I am furiously trying to organize a priority list. At the moment, everything is claiming to be in the number one spot. At the moment, I'm blogging. Which isn't even on the list yet.

And then I see a note that I wrote myself last week. Sometimes I have to write myself notes in order to communicate with the part of me that's too busy to remember. It says:

1. Love God.
2. Love my husband.
3. Love my daughter.
4. Love others.
5. Everything else.

*Exhale* Wow... the Holy Spirit has such a keen way of simplifying life for us.

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