Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Do I Have Black Circles Under My Eyes, You Ask?

I think I was up six times last night. Actually, I lost track. It's could have been seven.

Selah's bottom teeth are coming in. No wait, there's one on the top coming in, too. Who knew that three little teeth could cause such misery and anguish. Just when I would get back to sleep, the whimper--or sometimes jolting cry--would come streaming through the monitor. How in the world do men sleep through that??


ST said...

I knew it! Those little toofers are coming in. Auntie Sola knows these things! Er... still nursing? (lol)

Stacey said...

Poor Selah...poor mommy...and I guess I would say poor daddy but it sounds like he is sleeping right through it. I pray that the Lord will give Selah comfort and that He will give her the strength to get through this time. I also pray that God would give you wisdom to help sooth your precious one! :o)

Joey said...

Aye, i feel ya! Kenneth! Wake up!

Thea said...

Oh girl - no fun! You feel so bad for them but you feel so bad for yourself too!! :) Hang in there - any luck with teething tablets?

Hope Clark said...

We are now in the process of supplementing with formula and soft foods. :):):)

Thanks Stacey and Joey!

I'm using baby orajel (sp?). What's teething tablets?

cheryl said...

K is faking it. don't buy it sista:)

ha! yeah, growing up always hurts doesn't it, but with out it, she will never know the glory of filet mignon or...strawberries! push through the pain, kid!

Joseph said...

Hope, wherever did you get the impression that we sleep through it? We're just smart enough to realize that you'll cave first at the slightest sound of discomfort and so if we lay with our eyes closed long enough, you'll get up and comfort her! Ha!! And you guys thought us men weren't smart.

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Cheryl. :) What would life be like without strawberries?!?

Sneaky, sneaky!