Monday, July 21, 2008

Worship Lessons

I learned a great lesson this weekend.

According to a request by Pastor Joseph, I planned for our team to learn and play "Love Song" by Jason Morant this past Sunday. There's another version by Lamont Hiebert and Abby Merkel that I also listened to.

Great song. Both recordings use about three guitars. Jason's sounds especially like guitar folk/rock... very ambient with lots of electric guitar.

One problem. We don't have any guitars. We're a keyboard led team--and while I can play a mean D chord on an acoustic, that's about it for my "giter" skills.

So, I got frustrated. How are we supposed to pull this off? He knows we don't have a guitar player. It won't sound anything like that. After a day or so, the Holy Spirit boxed my ears and pulled me down off of God's throne of judgement where I'd been sitting. Just try it.

So we did. I changed the key, reformatted it a bit, and did not make sure that everyone on the team heard the original, like I usually do. And we WORSHIPPED to it. The song came out great, but better than that... people worshipped God.

We took another step forward yesterday as a team. And I know a big part of it was me, learning an important lesson. I realized that I should never limit myself or my team, and the possibilities of the Holy Spirit working through us to accomplish His good purpose. It's really not about my/our ability or inability... it's about Him... by Him... through Him... for Him.


Joey said...

Yep! It was, in the words of my daughter, AAWWEESSSOMMME!!!

Hope Clark said...

LOL, that rocks! :)