Monday, July 28, 2008

Worship War

I felt war-torn yesterday.

Worship was hard and it felt like a battle. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised... we leave for our mission trip in a week.

Sometimes it's hard, but yesterday was more than that... it felt like war. It felt like our voices bounced off the ceiling, technical difficulties sprouted, and the team wasn't jelling.

I rallied the troops several times and focused on God. At one point, Kenneth broke a stick and it flew into the center of the stage. I laughed--though it was more like a feeble one-syllable exhale. Heh. He says, "Every time a drummer breaks a stick in worship, a demon looses his head."

After worship I hear how the presence of God touched so many people. I'm not surprised. I shake my head and give glory to God.

Perhaps it's because I'm the leader. I'm at the front of the battle. I'm ok doing the fighting so that others can receive freely. Maybe that's just part of our job as door keepers to the throne room.

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