Monday, August 11, 2008

Guatemala '08

We're back!! And it was an INCREDIBLE trip. Thank you so much for all your prayers--we could definitely feel them on the trip. Without your support and prayer, we would not have accomplished what we did for the glory of God. THANK YOU!

There are so many stories to tell and pictures to show. Each day this week I'll share a story from that day last week. For today, I'll just give you a summary.

All our travel was safe, though eventful and sometimes scary--Guatemalan traffic and roads are no joke! We traveled in country in a 12 passenger van. Due to the mudslides in June, some of the roads were completely wiped out, making parts of our journey feel like a 4x4 excursion. Kenneth is a fantastic driver! We were all healthy until the last day of the trip when several of us experience stomach cramps. Selah did exceptionally well--she was a blessing to everyone and was rarely fussy.

All the schools and business we visited or helped out at were non-christian. This alone is a miracle, considering the fact that they were willing to let us come in and share Christ with the people. I can't begin to count the number of people that God impacted on this trip. We were able to minister to many different people groups--men, women, children, teens, and pastors. Everywhere we went, we took some sort of tangible gift for the people. There were many, many tears shed on this trip... and many, many smiles shared. We were often overwhelmed by how God used us to bless people in ways we hadn't anticipated. I shake my head when I think about all the little miracles that happened on this trip. PRAISE GOD!
Tomorrow I'll tell about the Women's Domestic Violence Shelter.


Stacey said...

Hope...I am glad to hear that you guys are home and safe and that you had a good trip. :o)

Hope Clark said...

Amen to that, Sister!