Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guatemala Report - Day 3

On this day last week, one of the things we did was visit Hogar De Recupera-cion Del Alcoholico, an alcoholic rehabilitation center for men. These men are brought to the center by friends a family and are locked in for a week at a time, sometimes longer. Alcoholism is a huge problem in Quetzaltanengo. This place was especially meaningful to my good friend Claudia, who is our Children's Pastor at The Well. She is Guatemalan and several years ago had to take one of her good friends to this rehabilitation center where his life was turned around.

There were 18 men at the center. From the first note of worship I played, the presence of God was tangible. The men's eyes were desperate. Claudia spoke to them about her story and how God restored her friend's life from the chains of alcoholism. At the end of her testimony, every man came forward for prayer. This was unusual, because often men are brought to the center unwillingly by friends and family. They don't always want help. We prayed with them, gave them Gatorade and bibles, and hugged them.

Next to the center is a graveyard. Claudia's friend told her that every day that graveyard reminded him of just how close to death he was. I pray that God will meet each one where he is and give him victory over death.


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