Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guatemala Report - Day 4

On this day last week, one of the things we did was minister at Esperanza Junior High School. Esperanza is a town outside of Quetzaltenango. There were about 150 students at this jr. high school and they are just like our jr. high students... they travel in packs, they're driven by peer pressure, and no one wants to sit on the front row.

The youth band for a local church led worship for a couple of songs and then we led worship with a couple of songs. The students listened but were not very moved. Then our friend and bass player, Joey, got up to speak with them about their dreams for their future. Kenneth followed and spoke to them about pain, fear, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

One young man stood up and came forward in response to Kenneth's offer to pray with anyone who wanted a personal relationship with Christ. Soon another stood up. Within a few moments twenty students came forward to accept Christ. Our team gathered around them and prayed with them, cried with them, and hugged them. We were also able to connect them with a local pastor who will be following up with the students and starting a Bible study group at the school.

Some of these students have parents who live in the States full time, working and sending money home. Some have alcoholism in their family. Most are just like us. They don't know what their future holds or if it's even worth dreaming of accomplishing their hopes and desires. But God sees them and loves them, and I'm glad we were there at the beginning of their walk with Christ.


Stacey said...

YAH God!

Hope Clark said...

I know...sooo cool. :)