Monday, September 8, 2008

A few things I never thought I would say....

Selah is seven months old now. She crawling everywhere. We picked her hair out and it's up to the top of this picture. She cracks us up every day.

She definitely has her own personality. She's learning the concept of "no" but I'm continually amazed at the things she gets into in a matter of seconds. Here's a few things that I said recently that I never thought I would say...

"Selah, we don't eat door stops."

"Electric wires don't taste good."

"Selah! Take the dog bone out of your mouth."

"I'm gonna eat your toes! Eww, no I'm not. There's gunk in between them."


valerie said...

Selah's soft poofy curls and big brown eyes always have a way of making me smile. I really love how cuddly she is. Time has gone by so fast...I imagine you have those "I never thought I'd" moments all the time. I am so blessed to have the Clark family in my life. =)

Joey said...

I actually caught myself saying to my girls, "if I have to stop the car...." yeah, I said it, I can't believe it! I have become..... MY PARENTS! ;0)

Thea said...

I loooove her hair!!! What a sweetie - I wish I were closer so our girls could play together! Well, maybe they're a little young but in a few months it'd be fun :)
Miss you & love you guys!

Hope Clark said...

You're right, I have those "I never thought I'd" moments all the time. So good to have you in our lives, too. :)

Sometimes when I laugh, I'm caught off guard because I think my mom is in the room. Then I realize it's me. So funny how we become them in so many ways. :)

I wish we were closer too! I'm sure they'll have a great time when they finally meet. :) Hope you're doing well in school!