Monday, September 15, 2008

Poopie Monday

Ok, I'll just say it like it is... I'm just not having a great day today.

Selah is teething again and was up and yelling about every 60 minutes last night. I would say every hour, but that just doesn't have the same effect as realizing that you will be back up in a matter of minutes. She was up for good at 5:30am, when I put her in her jumper to watch Noggin. Thirty minutes later Kenneth found her jumping in her own poop. Literally. The green ooze had splurted out one side of her diaper, smashed itself into the seat of the jumper and the bottom of her onsie, drizzled down her leg and landed in several piles on the carpet, where her feet proceeded to pound it into the carpet fibers with her playful bouncing.

Now she's had a bath and is finally taking a nap. So I guess I'm the only one who is still tired and grumpy.


Brenna said...

a true story of motherhood in all its glory!

Hope Clark said...

Yeah, "Glory" is right Sistah... green, gloppy, glory. :)