Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bank Holidays And Green Paint

My husband works for a bank.
And it's one of those banks you're hearing about in the news a lot right now. That doesn't exactly contribute to anyone's feelings of "job security".
But there sure is one thing I love about his job. Bank holidays.
Did you even know that Monday was a holiday? Most of America didn't--unless you worked for a bank. So, while I was busy working away my Monday, Kenneth painted and rearranged our guest room and turned it into Selah's room. It's now a very soft green and baby-safe. I think my husband rocks!


Thea said...

Aww she has her own room!! She's growing up! :) It looks great.

brenna said...

Nice work, Kenneth! I bet that was a fun surprise to come home to. She looks so happy to have her own dwelling place. :)

Hope Clark said...

Thanks ladies! Yes, she is enjoying it... she can now roam around and play to her heart's content. :)