Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Thoughts This Morning

This morning I'm sitting at my desk as usual. Been here since 7am. I look like a frumpy house-wife. My coffee is cold and my water glass is nearly empty. Selah is finally napping and the perfect Autumn-in-Florida breeze is blowing through the windows.

Here are my random thoughts this morning...

We had a great time of worship yesterday. God is really doing something incredible in worship at The Well. We have a momentum going that we haven't had before. It's exciting. I'm loving it.

I can't believe I get to live in Florida.

Tomorrow is election day. I'm so glad I already PRAYED and voted. Can't wait for the mud slinging to end. But I'm loving Saturday Night Live right now. :)

I have a lot of things to do this week. I'm actually contemplating making a To Do List with "Make a To Do List" as the first item. (Guess I need to make a To Don't List, too.)

Selah was sitting on my lap eating yesterday. She sneezed right after I put a mouthful of rice cereal and mashed bananas in her mouth. The mixed came splurting out her mouth and all over both of us. The best part was her expression that seemed to say, "Now, where in the world did that stuff on my pants come from?"

Oh, I think I need to put "Take a shower" on my To Do List.

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