Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday In Tennessee

Sunday of last week I got to spend some time aimlessly driving around Tennessee with an old friend. We drove up to the lookout over Lake Chilhowee and saw snow on the mountains in the distance. The colors were so vivid and beautiful, the air was so full of "fall-ness", and the wind was thick with moisture. We had a fabulous conversation.

It was so fascinating to be back "home"... and yet, it wasn't home. I had been back twice since Christmas '02 and I guess you could say that both of those trips were quite "stressful". But it used to be home, and so still feels familiar and comforting... but my current home, where God has called me to live, is Florida. I felt quite confused. I like a fly on the inside wall of the car, watching me get all giddy and excited--yet detached at the same time. But despite the confusion over my emotional attachment, I was so happy and at peace to be there with Kenneth and Selah.

We were staying at my sister's house. Later on that evening, Mom came over to visit and stayed for a bit.

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