Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday In Tennessee

This was fun. On Tuesday of last week we drove around to several of the towns were I grew up. Here's a picture of the rope swing from our childhood swimming hole--yes, it's STILL THERE.

That swing has been there since 1985!

We also stopped by the house where I lived from age 7 to 12. To my shock, the beautiful, huge, old brick and stone two-story house was gone and a gray DOUBLE-WIDE was up in it's place! I was dumb founded.

That evening Dad, Mom, and my brother came over for dinner. Kenneth and my Dad met for the first time and we sat down to a slightly awkward conversation about old photos and bad economics. Honestly, we could have been talking about rotten goat cheese and slug worms... I didn't care. Just the fact that we were sitting there talking was enough for me.


Stacey said...

What a blessing! A day I am sure that neither one of you will ever forget!! :o) Brings tears to my eyes just reading about it.

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Stacey. Me too. :)