Monday, November 24, 2008

Visit To Tennessee

Last week was an INCREDIBLE trip for me. Kenneth and I went back to my home state for the first time and took a walk through memory lane. Kenneth and my Dad also had the opportunity to meet for the first time.

So many people have asked me for specific details, but this just isn't the forum to share it all. My hands couldn't type that fast! However, I can share some... so this week, I'll be sharing some details from that day last week. Feel free to jump ahead and look at the photo album!


Stacey said...

I skipped ahead to the pictures!! It looks like you guys had a good time. I am glad that you were able to spend this time with your family. I am sure there were moments that you will hold on to forever! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope Clark said...

Thanks Stacey! I am too. Kenneth planned the trip with my sister and surprised me a few weeks ago. I never expected to spend this Thanksgiving with my family... it was an incredible surprise. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!