Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Distinctly Unsatisfied

I'm distinctly unsatisfied lately.

Unsatisfied with church as usual, life as normal, Christianity, Christians, our effectiveness, our determination, our bubbles. It's not enough. We need to go deeper. We kid and make excuses and coddle and rationalize and justify.

We don't value hardship. We pray more for protection than we do for character or depth. We tell God how we want it to go. We try to do just enough to get by. We think everyone else will get it done. We separate instead of infiltrate. We cry for comfort instead of accept His courage.

We have to play catch up. We have to grow up. We have to get with the program or He will do it for us. We have to tear down the walls of defense, the facade, the walls called "mask", and lay vulnerable before Him so He can clean and strengthen us for the calling that He has placed on our lives. We have to run at it with reckless abandonment.

I'm just not content with where I am. I've got to go deeper.


Joey said...

"We don't value hardship". WOW Hope, that's a download! I'm going to borrow this and send it to my SNU team, if you don't mind. ;0)

Stacey said...


Hope Clark said...

Joey and Stacey,
Use as much as you want. It's time... time to start believing what HE says. It's time to get it from our heads and into our heart and hands and feet.